Living in a Dreamland

Exciting news… I picked out a new engagement ring!!

Spur of the moment, my boyfriend decided we should swing into a jeweler’s and try on rings for fun. We’ve been engaged a while, and I already had a small solitaire ring he’d gotten me after proposing. I thought it was just for entertainment; until he turned to me seriously and said, Why not get one?

Like a true rollercoaster ride, I’ve been down so long lately the sudden rush of being on top has successfully taken my breath away. Life is good; it’s better than good. I felt like I had stepped into the twilight zone as I tried to talk him out of the purchase. In the end, though, my will just wasn’t strong enough… 😀 It made my heart sing when I put it on. And walking out of the store wearing it, I noticed that he too was grinning from ear to ear.

It makes me feel good, he told me. He gets to see the symbol of our love and feel proud of the fact that he gave it to me. And I adore it beyond belief. This is the ring I’ve dreamed of since I was a child — a ring fit for a fairytale. I just had to share!


♥ Jenn


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