I got a new car! And a dog! And a job driving for UBER!! Okay, so that last one wasn’t me. But I’m excited enough for my fiance that it feels like I’ve been blessed with this amazing new opportunity. Consider this a check-in, check-up, update, due date, LONG overdue synopsis of my life.

So, makeup and fashion have taken a slight back-burner to the rest of what’s going on. But my passion for health, beauty, and confidence have not waned, friends. Oh, no! If anything, taking a reprieve from a couple of things (like my old job and horrible, beaten up car) have refreshed me in an indescribable way. It’s funny how much what you do and what you drive can impact your mood. It’s almost comparable to the influence of what you put on every morning.

Bonus news? I’ve lost weight. About a 60% paleo diet and some serious yoga and strength training are getting me in the best shape of my life, and I’ve never been happier. We’re right around the marker where I’m cracking down, getting serious, and taking this baby all the way. Wish me luck, and lots of sweatproof foundation. Speaking of, review coming soon for some phenomenal face makeup that I just can’t stop raving about. Wear it to the gym, wear it in the rain, wear it when it’s 100 degrees outside– with this stuff, it doesn’t matter. Wait for the review. If you haven’t tried this brand already, you simply must. Well, that’s all for now.

Ta lovelies! TTY Soon.



Update: Overload

Just a quick note to let all readers know my posts may be a bit sporadic in coming. Obligations have reared their head, and between my two (three?) jobs and other responsibilities, I’ll be cutting back. Ack! Not what I want to have to write, and probably not what you want to hear. Dang life–always getting in the way. 😉

I realize this is a little late in coming as it’s already been awhile since my last post. However, better late than never is a motto I now choose to fall back on. So! Please expect a review and some fun free-writing in the following days. And beyond that, I’ll be here… reading all your lovely blogs and (sporadically) maintaining my own.

Thanks so much guys!

♥ Jenn

WANTED: Nike Free 5.0 N7

WANTED: Laced or unstrung. Reward if captured. Report directly to Jenn.

I don’t know how many of you are fitness enthusiasts–but the Nike Free line has been my heaven on earth (or foot, I suppose). I have a pair of the old 5.0’s in coral that are my go-to runners and have seriously upped my game! Soft, flexible material that moves with the natural motion of your foot. Great grip and a design that helps propel you forward with ease. I didn’t need another running shoe; and I was content on wearing those until they were dead. Until I saw… the newest 5.0 trainers.

With much elation, let me announce that the Nike Free 5.0 N7 Women’s Training Shoe is finally here! I’ve been waiting for these suckers for weeks. The design, the pattern, the colors! It’s everything I could crave in a trainer, with the same great concept that made me fall in love with my other 5.0’s. Plus perfectly geared for weight lifting, basketball, or other adventures. And now of course here I am, without any fun money remaining! Ah well. The wait will make it all the more sweet.  ♥

What about you? What sports related accessory have you been dying to get your hands on?

How to Hog the Bathroom, Effectively

Men are great. Truly, they are. But if there is one thing my man will never understand, it’s that sometimes, a girl just needs her privacy. The sound of him banging on the door is one I’ve come to loathe. Such is the way of things when you live in a two person household with only one bathroom. Usually, this isn’t something that bothers me. I’ve lived too long slapping an outfit together or some concealer on my face though, and I won’t do it again…  never again.

To quote the greatest video game of all time:

So how do you hog the bathroom, effectively?

Perhaps I should rephrase that. The real question becomes: How do you get the space you need for your morning/nighttime ritual, without offending the person you share half of your life with? And truthfully, that’s a hard question to answer. The key here, though, is in compromise–and some very careful planning. As Sun Tzu said, the path to victory is in knowing one’s enemies, as well as oneself.

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.    -Sun Tzu, The Art of War

If you want the upper hand, then play to win. Getting to know my spouse’s schedule has been key in working around these little incidents. If I can anticipate when he’s most likely to need time to get ready, or wanting to shower and shave, less stress abounds for us all.

I know what you’re thinking… Should it really be that hard though?

Sometimes you give up certain privileges for companionship. And being in a couple means learning to live around each other. There are reasons people stay single; usually, finding happiness with someone just outweighs the little benefits of living alone. (I may revoke this statement periodically.)

The last piece that you need is: Communication. If there’s an issue, try talking to each other! I know if I just approached my guy and explained that I wanted time for some personal things, he’d be more than happy to give me that courtesy. Respect is a big part of a solid relationship, and one that you both should work to build upon. I think as girls, we fall into this mindstate of needing to look flawless all the time. It’s difficult, having someone see all your imperfections–especially when it’s someone who you only want to show your best to. Just be open and sincere. Homeostasis… that all comes in time. 😉

And to leave things off on a lighter note, Andy Grammer!

Living in a Dreamland

Exciting news… I picked out a new engagement ring!!

Spur of the moment, my boyfriend decided we should swing into a jeweler’s and try on rings for fun. We’ve been engaged a while, and I already had a small solitaire ring he’d gotten me after proposing. I thought it was just for entertainment; until he turned to me seriously and said, Why not get one?

Like a true rollercoaster ride, I’ve been down so long lately the sudden rush of being on top has successfully taken my breath away. Life is good; it’s better than good. I felt like I had stepped into the twilight zone as I tried to talk him out of the purchase. In the end, though, my will just wasn’t strong enough… 😀 It made my heart sing when I put it on. And walking out of the store wearing it, I noticed that he too was grinning from ear to ear.

It makes me feel good, he told me. He gets to see the symbol of our love and feel proud of the fact that he gave it to me. And I adore it beyond belief. This is the ring I’ve dreamed of since I was a child — a ring fit for a fairytale. I just had to share!


♥ Jenn

Ladybug on a Cloudy Day

Today was so busy I barely had time to catch my breath.

Here’s everything at a glimpse. Step 1: Ladybug Lipstick by Mac

LadybugL   MacLadybug   LB2
I’m not one to commonly wear red, but I picked this little beauty up the other day as a personal challenge at a more daring look. Mac cosmetics are great quality; let’s just say it and get that statement out of the way. Back to this shade in particular… Ladybug is a nice vibrant color which seems well suited for both paler and darker skin tones. Takes a couple passes to get a solid coat, but I’m in love with the shade for that POP! Also, I could see working this into a great retro 50’s look.

Goes on smooth, easy to apply, fun to wear. The only downside I experienced was that this is a very sheer color, which means it goes on light and rubs off at the slightest contact. I found it fading after about an hour of wear, and unless you carry some gloss (or more lipstick) to reapply, not a very flattering look in the end. I don’t know about you, but I prefer my lipstick long-lasting!

Onto more fun stuff…

BathJoy BathJoy2 BathJoy4 BathJoy3
The bath got a facelift today! Before pictures have been excluded to save you from going into shock. Needless to say, it was a cluttered, bare mess before. And now it’s worth stepping into! Props for finally settling in, albeit four months later. 😛 Total reno was $117 at Target. I’m thrifty–so sue me.

Getting organized was a resolution for me, and keeping all my dailies close at hand while not scattered on top of each other is a big step! Unsure how things will go as more makeup gets added to my collection, but for right now, every polish and extra eyeshadow is finding storage down below.

The day ended with a well-deserved date night after scouring the streets for apartments. Interestingly enough, all of our looking was for naught. Turns out, we won’t be having to move after all. More good news! I love this location. And let me just end by saying, I’ve got a grab-bag full of goodies I’ll be covering on my blog in the days to come. A few simple products that are readily available, and some highlights I’m very excited to share with you all! Look forward to that and have a great night.

♥ Jenn