PR & Affiliates

Let’s talk Product Reviews!

If you’re interested in getting me to sample your product and share it with the world, head on over to my contact forum or shoot me an email here:

I consider all offers carefully to insure I’m giving my readers the best quality content possible. But in most cases, if I haven’t tried it before or have previous history with the brand, I’m open to testing it out.

All items receive a fair and honest review (pictures and experiences included) and can be subject to approval from the supplier. If I didn’t like it and have nothing nice to say, I’m more than willing to keep the article off of my site.


Affiliate relationships are made on the basis of trust, support, and relevancy. If your product/company applies to what I write, I’d probably be more than pleased to back it. Just make sure you treat your customers with care and we won’t have any issues. 😉 After all, they’re family around here.

Send your inquiries to:

Disclaimer time!

So as seen above, occasionally I will accept products to review and give my heartfelt opinion on. All content will be true and to the point, and I will never utter false praise for an item I did not like. If you see a rating there, that’s my accurate assessment. Reading some kind words? Definitely my real thoughts. Believe me when I say, I would never recommend a product I didn’t stand behind 100%. That’s my philosophy, and you’d be hard-pressed to make me change. So read on with confidence! Honesty is the only policy we live by here.

Thanks a million,



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