Review: Pura D’or Dandruff & Acne Treatment

Hey guys, long time no post. This is mostly my bad (Okay, it’s ALL my bad). But as an olive branch, I come bearing reviews. Please, reserve your fruit throwing for after the article.

This week I’m doing a throw-back on the benefits of Argan Oil by covering a few products from my favorite carrier of the stuff: Pura D’or. I received some very generous samples of both their Dandruff Shampoo and Acne Treatment, and trust me when I say, you’re going to want to hear these results.

The main feature here is on the stellar shampoo and conditioner I was lucky enough to try from this amazing brand. While I don’t suffer from scalp issues myself, my guy is prone to some pretty severe flaking, and nothing we’ve tried has been able to remedy this. I know it’s something he’s expressed embarrassment over before, and so off we went with the all-natural approach!

As I said, I was already a fan of Pura D’or before discovering that they had an extended beauty line. All of their products are free of SLS, parabens, and other harsh chemicals, and contain only the purest, organic ingredients. The shampoo comes in a bottle more resembling a vat–16 oz in size and fitted with a pump for easy use. And both the shampoo and conditioner offer an inviting aroma. The conditioner, while not dandruff specific, is very rich, and smells strongly of lavender. We both loved this scent. The shampoo maintains an invigorating peppermint smell, which my boyfriend was less than fond of. If you take your showers in the morning, as I do, this is a great way to wake up your senses!

ArganShampoo2The products are very clean feeling, and don’t lather up as well as many commercial brands. I felt that they were actually infusing my hair with awesome nutrients, instead of just coating the follicles in crud. Following the first use, I noted immediately a healthier, shinier appearance to my hair. The Argan Oil which I often use post-styling to add life back to my heat-damaged locks became unnecessary on days that I showered, as all of that goodness is already right there in the bottle.

And what about my guy, you ask? Well… I had him adhere to the dandruff treatment for over a week, and he had some pretty impressive things to say about it in the end. For starters, his flaking has greatly diminished, and he is now able to both style and maintain his hair with ease. He adores the fact that we’re not putting any toxic chemicals into our skin. And his locks have never been quite so soft and touchable as they are now. He loves the confidence it’s given him. I love that he loves it.

On the satisfaction scale, I could not be more pleased. I never expected such long-lasting, fantastic results.

Rating: 5/5

ArganAcneThe pièce de résistance though has to be the Acne Treatment I have now proudly added to my routine. Consisting largely of all natural oils, a few drops of this stuff is tough enough to clear up my biggest blemishes. I was shocked when, after applying the night before, my pimples had completely disappeared by the following morning! Apparently it works by controlling sebum to treat and prevent breakouts. However it works, it works like a boss!

I simply could not live without this little miracle any more. It’s not only improved my skin and reduced redness, it has replaced my moisturizer altogether. Instructions state to add 2-3 drops to trouble areas up to twice daily. I use it about once, on average, and a few dots is enough to spread over my entire face. It does have a very oily consistency, which I’d say is the only thing I may not like. However, my makeup goes on smooth over it, and even seems to absorb better into my skin. Living zit free… and here I thought I’d found heaven in a cheesecake.

Rating: 4.5/5

*FTC Disclosure: The above products were gifted to me by Pura D’or in exchange for an honest review. Opinions expressed are solely my own, and do not in any way represent the opinions of Pura D’or.


Review: Yes To Grapefruit – Eye Cream

I’m not one to purchase anti-aging products.

YTGThis dark circle correcting eye cream is the closest I’ve come. Yes To Grapefruit is a worldwide brand that, despite coming from Israel, is now as easy to acquire as taking a trip to your nearest pharmacy. I snagged this on a whim while running out for tissues. Glad for the cold to be over, I thought I’d now report what I’d found. A bit of good and bad.

YTG2I don’t have huge under-eye problems. My boyfriend, in fact, was quite insistent when I dropped this in the cart that it wasn’t something I needed. However, being inches from a mirror every morning grants me quite a good view. And while my eye area isn’t awful, it is something that I’d like to improve. That in mind, I was kind of hoping that for $13, this tiny little tube was going to be my miracle salvation. That wasn’t quite the case.

Here’s what I like:

Upon first use, I did notice a slight difference in skin pigmentation. In fact, almost immediately, my eye area began to look brighter. I was *astounded* with this change, and took it as cause to keep using it.

The product has a scent that is rather neutral to my senses; earthy, may be the right way to describe it. Licorice root is responsible for the smell, and while it won’t be for everyone, I found that it was for me.

YTG5The product comes in a squeeze tube that is easy to procure a tiny bit of product from. The cream itself is smooth and feels as though it should be hydrating. It absorbs easily into skin and leaves a light tingling sensation behind. This fades after a moment, and your skin will tighten lightly and take on a more youthful appearance. Sounds good so far, right?

Here’s what I didn’t like:

Drying under eye area and increased appearance of creases in makeup.

Limited effect/lasting power.

Worsened dark circles.

Unfortunately, this product works just above sub-par immediately after using it, and as punishment makes tired eyes a more prominent occurrence. After using this nearly a week, I can honestly say that other than adding unnecessary fragrance to my skin, it hasn’t done a thing. I suppose it’s nice to perk up your appearance if you’re leaving the house in a hurry; but I just don’t see a purpose for regular use of this item. I’m kind of disappointed, and I won’t be using it again.

Rating: 2.5/5

The Miracle of Argan Oil

Argan OilArgan Oil. It’s fantastic. If you aren’t using this by now, you should be.

What’s Argan Oil, you say?

I happened upon this little gem a while back when looking for a way to tame the frizzful mess that I often call my hair. Other than being immensely hydrating and very rejuvenating for dry or damaged locks, it’s also fantastic for just about anything you can think of. Nighttime moisturizer? Check. Skin toning and exfoliating? Easy peasy with a few simple ingredients. Keeping up your healthy hands and nails? You bet. I usually apply a pea sized amount to my face every morning right on top of my daily moisturizer. It’s silky and soothing as heck, and really helps to tone under and around your eyes. If you’re worried about feeling greasy, fret not – this stuff soaks into your skin and dries evenly.

So what’s the deal with this? Well let’s start with: organic and cold pressed. That’s right, nothing but the good stuff. I use Pura D’or currently, and it’s imported straight from Morocco. Best stuff money can buy, and downright affordable if you grab it up online! How long will it last you? Until the end of time. Alright, well maybe not that long… but a good while to be sure. I’ve had mine for months, using daily, and have barely put a dent in the thing. The key here is, a little goes a long way.

The best way to use it, in my humble opinion, is as a leave in conditioner. You can squirt a small amount into your hands and then work it into damp or dry hair. Aside from giving you a natural, healthy shine, it also works great at protecting your hair from heat damage brought on by blow drying, straightening, and other styling methods. If chapped lips are an issue for you, a small dab of this in the winter keeps lips nourished and happy; not to mention helps color absorb easier. Apply as an all over moisturizer or to help reduce scars and other marks. However you use it, do so to your heart’s content.

Trust me. Your body will thank you.